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Some years ago, a close friend and colleague and I were discussing our immense desire to be able to live in NYC for a few months. She a photographer, and I, an interior stylist and writer. Perfect. Head to the Big Apple. Take our laptops, her camera, my dog… what more would two young girls need?
A green card, apparently. Accommodation that allows pets. And a lot more money than four hundred and fifty Australian dollars. So, Sydney it was, for another good few years. Now, more than five years later, I’m almost there. I’m just married, awaiting my US visa in a small medieval town in Italy. I’m still in the midst of my long journey to NYC. A journey that has taken many years and many lessons. 
I’ve managed to find immense inspiration along the way. Inspiration I thought I would only find in NY. It has become apparent to me, that inspiration can be found in the tiniest nook or cranny of this earth, as can the most delicious meal, at the most desired table. So long as you are looking. And you really want to find it. 
Sydney – Hong Kong – Bangkok – London – Rome – Paris – NYC. 
A Designer’s Journey. 
(A designer who likes good food, the perfect table, and strives to find the most delicious glass of red wine). 
 Pockets of light. At home, Sydney. Australia. 2010.

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