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home is where the heart is

How much in our homes, is a true reflection of our personality? The way we live our lives?

A few years back, when I was originally planning my first escape to NYC with friend and photographer, Margie Curry, we started on a little project with no idea that another photographer was doing something similar in NYC.  Shortly after beginning, I heard about The Selby. Funnily enough, I fell upon this blog again recently.  I’m not sure if my investigation was in any way similar, or what I finally wanted to achieve when I started out, but my recent re – discovery reminded me of this now unfinished project,  forgotten and un – published. So I’ve pulled it out, to start 2012.

I wanted to investigate how much we surround ourselves at home, with items that really represent who we are?  How much truly reflects who we are, and how much is what we want people to think of us?  And on another level – how much in our home might hide who we really are, and be a facade?

When invited to other people’s homes for dinner, drinks or a visit, often our first instinct is to have a snoop around, see what’s there. We just love it. Or, if we are  lucky to be in the home of a proud owner, we might even be given ‘the grand tour’.  You never know what you might find……..

Some of these Sydneysiders let  us inside their homes, so we could see what they collect, are proud of, and let us have a sneaky peek inside their spaces.

Just a little bit of food for thought to start off the New Year… Appleketchup style.

Our models let us photograph them in their own homes across Sydney.

Production and Styling, Emily Rickard Photography, Margie Curry. All images © appleketchup.

Hannah, with Indi. Yoga Teacher and Set Decorator, Eastern Suburbs.

Will, Photographer and  Artist, Northern Beaches.

Nathalie, Performer, Eastern Suburbs.

Morgan, Artist, Eastern Suburbs Beaches.

Matt, Sales Manager, Inner West.

Phil, Event Designer, Eastern Suburbs.

Anisha with son Aarya, Dentist, Eastern Suburbs.

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  1. Great shots! Happy New Year, Emily!


    January 4, 2012
  2. While I actually like this post, I think there was an spelling error shut towards the end of your 3rd paragraph.

    June 6, 2012

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