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1. Existing in or as part of a tradition; long established

2. Produced, done, or used in accordance with tradition

Last week, I did something I very rarely do, maybe once or twice a year. I decided to eat fish & chips. I’d heard of a local place called Chip Shop, and with all its British branding and Union Jackery, I thought it would probably be really traditional fish and chips, and make me feel right at home.

It’s not often I get things done in a really traditional way any more.  I called through to Chip Shop, Park Slope, and a truly British man answered the phone.

He explained to me that they were still old fashioned and that they didn’t take computerised orders, but he would write my order down with a pad and a pen. This was my kind of guy.  How wonderfully quaint!

My husband is often on at me to update this, or download that. I really dig my heels in, and try to fight ever-changing world of technology we live in. When we have children I want to have a ‘no technology day’ once a week, when everyone in the house reads a book, or plays a board game, I’ve been warned I’ll be teased, for being old fashioned.

Human contact seems to be diminishing more and more, you can order and pay for your food online through several websites such as seamless or menupages, you can swipe your American Express Card into a machine in the back of the taxi, order your groceries online, (which I can NEVER do, because I like to have a good old feel of an avocado before I pop it into my trolley).

The lovely man at the end of the phone not only had time to chat, he had time to tell me that aside from the usual haddock, plaice or cod on offer, he also had a special, Black Fish, which he had caught himself right off the shore of New Jersey, the previous day. Caught, prepared and cooked ALL by the same person. Unheard of.

I opted for the special, and added a side of coleslaw. Because as we all know, any side of salad cancels out most of the fat and carbs you might be chomping it down with, right?

I was so thrilled with my experience thus far, you can only imagine how I felt when this arrived for me! I was momentarily thrown back to my childhood, eating chips with salt and vinegar out of newspaper, in Weston Super Mare.The quality of the food from Chip Shop lived up to all the heresay.

And one other thing I forgot about traditional fish and chips. It’s enormous!! I had a good go at the fish, my husband the chips… then the dog had a stab at the fish, and what we had to sadly put in the bin, would probably have fed another two people.  Twice.

So thank you Chip Shop, Park Slope. For giving me this experience. I’m sure we will be back, maybe in 6 – 12 months, when we are due our next gluttonous instalment.

Until then,  I might strive to find some other traditionally executed experiences here in NYC.


Something is still bothering me though…. Why can’ t I seem to shift this extra 8 pounds I’ve gained since moving to NYC? It’s a complete mystery……

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  1. Radhika #

    This made me really miss you. Love these little snippets from such a beautiful mind xxx

    February 15, 2012
  2. Charlotte #

    Great read! My mouth is watering!! Takes me back to Friday night fish and chips when I was a kid with my mum and dad in Birmingham! X

    February 15, 2012
  3. I was very dubious about the authenticity of this place but after reading your scrumptious review it’s next on my list. And as for those pesky extra pounds, I’m convinced the air is fatter over here.

    February 15, 2012
  4. this made my homesick heart smile XX

    February 15, 2012
  5. Lef #

    I don’t even eat fish and I’m hungry.

    …and just so you know, in the U.S. they use dollars not pounds.

    See – problem solved!


    February 19, 2012

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