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1. The emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends

2. A relationship between friends

There are so many things about moving homes, cities, countries and lives as adults that make it so much more challenging than when you are young. It takes a long time to settle in, find a good hairdresser, a great coffee, a great plumber, your favourite wine bar…. and to find new friends.

For us, having moved from a hot, beachy lifestyle, into a cold, wintry (albeit mild) Northern Hemisphere one, it was all the more difficult. Winter is not really a time to form great friendships; we are all hibernating; a bit. But spring has sprung, and I’m really beginning to feel that I actually might be able to belong here.

I’m finally finding out about all those little things in NYC that I can now call my own… my hair stylist Woodley & Bunny …. my agent ENNIS INC (my work will soon be up) , my favourite wine bar Blue Ribbon Downing Street  …. And most importantly, my  friends. Still new and growing friendships, but nevertheless, they are there…. just in time for Spring.  To all my friends in Sydney, NZ, Bristol and London, I miss you IMMENSELY, but I can’t just lollop around all day miserably waiting for the next time I see you…(soon I hope!). I must go out… and conquer… and laugh again!!

In the last seven days, on three very different occasions, I have spent a few hours, drinking tea, chit chatting and laughing my head off. It’s GREAT for the soul. I’ve always known this, but without many of my nearest and dearest here, I find the occasions to be much fewer and far between that I have a good giggle until I nearly cry.

Finally, it’s begun to happen to me here, and it’s fabulous! But oh how I’ve missed it. And how I long to do it again, with some of the golden oldies.

Until then, and in the name of the beautiful cherry blossoms of NYC Springtime, and the beautiful blossoming of NYC friendships…. Here are some lovely hipsta pics to make you feel all warm and fuzzy.  (Counting the days until I can get a Canon EOS in my hands once more… another friendship I really miss!)

Solitary.... but never alone. Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

A stranger, waiting for a friend, under a blossom. Prospect Park.

A little 'E' just for me. Brooklyn really is home.

Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Blossoms of love.

Friends til the end... Brooklyn Botanic Gardens.

Puku and Edie. BFF's... (Still miss you Mana)