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A domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of smell, and a barking, howling or whining voice.

A post  for today, that is a slight waiver from my normal foodie, aesthetic global rant. Last week, was oh so doggy, it was all about the dogs. So this week, Appleketchup is going to be oh so doggy and all about the dogs.

Dog walking, dog minding, dog grooming, doggie play dates. We are certainly in the right location for it, Park Slope Brooklyn, home of Gorilla Coffee, The Stroller Nazis and The Dog Owner.

And as the saying goes, ‘A man’s best friend’. Ours is.

I love her with all my heart and would hate her to come to any harm. She has just turned seven, and is still as cute as the day I got her.

Puku Eight Weeks Old

I’ve noticed so many missing dog posters around our Brooklyn hood. I always glance at them – seeing those little eyes staring into the lens – frozen in time, lost and sometimes sadly never found.

Maggie The Lost Mut

Maggie The Lost Mut

The one I pondered over on Sunday though, whilst walking up to Prospect Park, struck a nerve, I had seen that dog! It was two days previous, and in a different neighbourhood altogether, so I didn’t know what use, if any, my sighting and phone call would be. Incidentally I was just on my way home from a double human/doggie play date… where we tried to chat and drink tea, and discuss the planned interiors of said home, but our muts just glared at each other across the room with the odd growl and lunge. It was NOT relaxing at all.  Ollie and Puku, I’m not so sure you are destined for friendship.

Ollie. One of a kind!!! xx

Ollie. One of a kind!!! xx

So, I called.

I explained I had seen little Maggie rushing across the street at 3rd and Pacific, on my way home almost 48 hours before. And was really sorry if this was little or no help.

A couple of hours later I got a call to be told they had searched the neighbourhood and had found little Maggie. BUT, Maggie had been held at ransom, the owners had to bargain for her to get her back. And they paid a pretty price.  How utterly horrific!

Suddenly, everything I had been told, and everything I had watched made sense.

‘Don’t tie your dog up outside cafes or shops in Brooklyn, they get stolen’

What? I often thought, who would want to steal a 6 year old Kelpie Cross?

Then yesterday, it suddenly dawned on me…. All the lost dog posters, they aren’t about what breed your dog is, how old it is, or how expensive.

The value in each dog comes from how much it is loved by its owner, and how much they are willing to pay to get him or her back.  Brooklyn dog – knappers, you know who you are – shame on you! You don’t see man’s best friend, you see dollar bills … cha ching!

Come Sunday night, I felt SO utterly thrilled that I had played a hand in a dog being rescued and returned to its rightful owner, and I didn’t earn a cent. What a glorious natural high.

We went out and celebrated the joys of good Karma with delicious food and drink,

The next day sadly, I was paying for THAT!

I have since found the best and the worst of places to buy dog supplies, and get your pooch pampered in my neighbourhood. Bark Slope , for the best of the best poochie pampering, and Pup Slope, only enter if you can stomach puppies from puppy mills in cages, with no bedding. I tell you!

Sending lots of love to all the dogs, some still with us, some gone, but never forgotten.

Photo Credits (in order of appearance).

Edie – By Nathan Phillips, Puku – By Will Horner, JPEG  – By Ninette Hartley, Wendy – By Anthea Williamson, Mana – By Zoe Ivory – Phan, Buddy – By Adam McConnell.