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British /ˈbrɪtɪʃ/

1. Relating to Great Britain or the United Kingdom and its people or language

2. The British Commonwealth

I’m sorry. I’ve been away from these divine pages far too long again. Always apologising, and alas not delivering!  Having just returned from a mini trip to the UK I thought it fitting to share the splendid joy of England in all its glory. When we touched down last week on the Virgin overnight flight from JFK, something felt a little different about my dear old Blighty. Now that very few of my immediate family still reside there, I always feel a sense of nervousness and sorrow each time I visit, and with each one the feeling grows. ‘Will it really feel like home this time?’ or ‘How will I feel without any family rushing up to the arrivals with balloons and flowers?’ and ‘I hope I get to see some of my family, even just for a quick squeeze’.

Add to this, the sometimes glum and jaded outlook of many of my fellow Brits… and often, us ex  – pats can’t wait to hop on a plane back to whichever exotic destination has dragged us from the arms of the Motherland. Little did I know this time last week……

After picking up our set of wheels, we headed directly to Wimbledon. You can’t get much more British than that can you? All Wombles and tea and scones. I’ve yet to actually sight a Womble, or a Flump for that matter, but I still live in hope. Our approach into Wimbledon saw us stopping off for the obligatory flowers and gifts for our destination. I swiftly popped into Sainsbury’s. Oh how I LOVED what I found! Rows and rows of bunting, special edition teacakes, cupcakes, and Union Jackified treats. Smiling and chirpy people. Where is the England I know and love (to sometimes hate?).  This was just utterly amazing. I drank in every moment of it, in awe.

I was in such a hurry, I didn’t have a camera on me… but this little image from lunchboxworld might give you an idea of what a feast for the eyes England was last week. We managed to spend a few days cramming in the usual British festivites… a charming wedding on the Thames…an urban art festival in Bristol, a good old barbeque in a pruned back garden, fold down furniture and all the trimmings.

So Britain. Great you are… I’m glad you are revelling in all your glory, the Jubilee was an utter success and I’m sure the Union Jack has now been taken to even higher levels in all things decor and design. It didn’t even need that final shove… but, it was a good one. Look out 2013 design trends. Incidentally,  a new Banksy piece was spotted in Bristol last week…. perhaps Her Majesty may overtake the Union Jack in design icons for the coming season? Who can tell…….

Until next time gorgeous England. To the few friends and family I did get to see in our short and sweet trip, I thoroughly enjoyed giving you a squeeze…. and can’t wait to do it again. Next time, I’ll be on the look out for some devilishly delicious destinations… UK Style. 

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  1. Tracy #

    well I thoroughly enjoyed my London squeeze…..hurry up and come back x

    June 10, 2012
  2. Clare Hartley #

    Love your work Emme and loved seeing you both. Good Ol Blighty’s really come into her own in the last month eh…you’re totally right! XXX

    June 12, 2012

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