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christ·mas /ˈkrisməs/

The annual Christian holiday, celebrating Christ’s birth

I think a lot of people forget what Christmas is actually for….. many of us think of it as a time to get together with family, a time to give and receive gifts, a time to totally stuff your face with completely unhealthy and inappropriate foods for a day (or four)… and a time to enjoy all the fun decorating and Christmas spirit.

I grew up in a place where Christmas is a mixture of all of the above, with perhaps a Christmas morning mass thrown in and maybe some carols.

Now I’m all grown up and living in New York, a place where we will most likely say ‘Happy Holidays’ as we walk down the streets of one of the biggest melting pots of different religious beliefs; this holiday has become very much about the decorations, (food) and the lights (food) and spirit of Christmas….(chocolate).  So whilst I spend another Christmas here in our cosy brownstone in Brooklyn; I am indulging in decorating. This Christmas will be the last of its kind for me…… next year I hope to be spending the holidays with my family… who I miss very much at this time of year.

So just as you thought you might not have heard from me again as I went so quiet… I would like to leave the Appleketchup pages of 2012 with something I love dearly and something I want to share… some beautiful seasonal decorating ideas to feast your eyes on.

Merry Christmas Appleketchup

A burst of Brit meets NY, meets the farm…..pops of seasonal colour to add merriment and cheer. Merry Christmas Detail














A more ethereal and relaxed approach to the fireplace for Santa…….. who is ALWAYS welcome

There is something very serene and distinctly wintry about decorating all in silver and white….. with a little natural brown thrown in for good measure…. Santa surely wouldn’t want to leave!

Whatever this time of year means to you… I do hope you have fabulous fun….. and I wish you all the best for the coming year. AK.

Christmas White Final

White Christmas Detail