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bump·kin /ˈbəmpkin/

An awkward, simple, rustic yokel. 

I am a self confessed city bumpkin. I live in the city, and I love it; but I have the country running through my veins and flickering its way in and out of the corners of my urban home.  Although I adore my reclaimed industrial style coffee table, and I like to think I’m hip and cool, Brooklyn style…nothing makes me happier than throwing a pot of hydrangeas on it and flicking through the pages of a country magazine whilst I drink my Lady Grey tea.


On a recent trip upstate to Tivoli, NY, whilst visiting some newly converted city bumpkins, I realised I’m not ready to relocate yet, but I need my regular fix. Tivoli is a beautiful historic village about two hours drive up the picturesque  Taconic;  from New York City. It has all the amenities you could possibly need in a village –  good coffee, great sushi, a pub, a gorgeous bakery and beautiful lake nearby to swim in. Greeted by some typically rural laundry swaying in the summer breeze as we pulled into the driveway, I knew this was going to be a perfect weekend in the country.




As well as enjoying the simple pleasures of a laid back al fresco Pimms,  paired with beer infused barbecued chicken and fresh tomatoes we were lucky enough to be visiting Tivoli for the weekend of their infamous yard sale. Designers, collectors and hoarders all swarm to Tivoli for this annual event and it is truly worth it. I managed to swipe myself a gorgeous vintage Samsonite suitcase for a mere twenty bucks. Once exhausted from the foraging and fossicking like bowerbirds all morning… we rested outside the local bakery to witness the pie contest, of which my favourite part was the pie eating. Who cares who wins, so long as you get to eat them?


Back at the house with a lazy afternoon to while away; I was struck by the country air and a sudden urge to make something, I managed to create my own little flower fairy. Or did I just find her, hovering around at the bottom of the garden in all her glory? Who knows. in the country, anything is possible you know.



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