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wall wôl/

1. a continuous vertical brick or stone structure that encloses or divides an area of land

synonyms; barrier, partition, enclosure, screen, panel, divider

Never did I think I’d be so obsessed with getting walls.. ever. Eight long weeks we lived without any, and when the day came to install these temporary walls, I was a mess.

Even though they are temporary, to us; they are permanent until we move on. I felt sick in the morning. I was stressed about the size, the placement, the height of the windows, the positioning of the door and so it went on. Like every true control freak should, I removed myself from the situation as early as I could and let my husband deal with it.

I checked in on FaceTime, Skype and phone; popping in and out and fluttering through with critical eyes and comments during the forty eight hour process. Popular I’m sure.

It also felt very alien to me that once the decision had been made, it was there to stick. And coping with that is hard! Throughout my career I have advised many clients on their homes and spaces. I  help them to construct, design and decorate. I soothe them, talk them through design and decorating processes, explaining it will all be fine and has been thought out to the last detail. Now it’s my home, I’m a complete mess. I truly understand it in a different sense now.

Furniture can always be moved, walls re – painted and corners endlessly re  – styled… but these babies.. once they are in, they are staying put.

The journey home yesterday was filled with a mixture of anxiety and excitement as I opened the huge industrial elevator on our floor.. and tippie toed towards our front door. I knew what lay on the other side.. chaos, dirt, a whole apartment to re – style and possibly walls that I simply could not live with.

BAM! My husband had spent the previous day putting back all our furniture, putting together our daughter’s crib and cleaning our home. What a lucky lady I am.

I have a home. Finally.

Last night I slept just on the other side of the wall from my daughter with both the window and the door wide open.

Baby steps.


Model in Florence Broadhurst motif body paint.

Florence Broadhurst wall coverings



Tres Tintas kids room



Tres Tintas mural

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