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eve·ry·thing ˈevrēˌTHiNG/

1. all things, all the things of a group or class

2. the current situation, life in general

Lately, I’ve been thinking about what it is to have ‘everything’. It’s been niggling at me. On the outside, I’m beginning to seemingly; have everything. I live in New York, one of the world’s most idealised and sought after cites. I’m a stylist, and I’m freelance. I’m a mother and I’m a wife.  As a generation, since our thirst for adventure and success became so huge; marriage and children seems to have fallen a little by the wayside for so many of us.  I’m very lucky as it is something I always wanted as well as a career. And yet, do I have everything?

There are so many mantras strewn all over the internet that lead me to believe I am extremely lucky, or I made my own luck at least. ‘Do what you love/love what you do’.. Live Life Love… Dream Big, Work Hard’ .. and so on. Yet somehow we have been programmed to feel that no matter what we achieve, we must achieve more.. earn more.. see more .. spend more. The huge growth of reality television and our voyeuristic nature towards delving inside the somewhat empty lives of the grossly rich and famous (for apparently nothing); doesn’t help.

I often consider what life would be like had I chosen to live it very differently. I’ve had so many choices over the years,  I could just as easily now be running a small hotel in Devon with endless countryside, an interiors store in Bondi with nightly sundowners over the ocean or a retreat in magical Southern Thailand.  But I chose this, fast paced, unforgiving New York City. Succeed or jog on. My brother once told me a story about a Mexican fisherman… and it made me question my choice for a moment. But no, I know that I am here, living the fast and sometimes exhausting life for a reason, I’m loving it.

As yet another year here almost draws to a close, it’s very easy for me to sit in my warm dining room, cup of tea in hand and ponder the whole work to live/live to work debate. But in the light of all of the global happenings of 2015, I don’t think that either of those things are what is so important to me any more. I’m simply happy to be. If we choose to move on from New York one day, and back to a slower pace of life, more space less money then so be it. For now, I’m living in the moment. Whichever path we choose, I know that my family and I will most likely have warmth, shelter and love; and for this I am extremely thankful.

In the world in which we live now.. to have everything, for many millions of people, really is only to be loved, be safe and be free.


Pai, Northern Thailand. Relax, respite, renew.


Devon, England. Where my heart feels complete


NY – SF – LON all have stolen a piece of my heart

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